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L.P. Stotz Farms
Contact: Leslie P. Stotz
Address: 8771 Albain Road Ida, MI, 48140
Phone: 734-269-2466
About Us
L.P. Stotz Farms carries a large selection of fruits, vegetables, and plants in season, along with squirrel corn, baked goods, jam, USDA inspected meat and poultry, maple syrup and honey. (See detail below.) However, our heaviest emphasis is on our Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs. We tend about 1,300 hens and ducks during peak season, and have a large selection of eggs of different colors and sizes. We are a fully licensed Grade ‘A’ Free Range Egg Farm. The only one in Extreme Southeast Michigan and are located in Ida, MI. or about 35 miles south of Ypsilanti MI. Our farm is a Michigan Centennial Farm and has been in the family since 1875. We also sell at the Monroe Farmers Market, the Downriver Area, have our eggs in several stores including the Eureka Farm Market in Southgate, and sell our products at home at the farm.
We are not a certified organic farm, however we do use many organic practices. We are technically a farm that uses IPM or Integrated Pest Management and use pesticides only when absolutely necessary. Our first choice if possible is to use no pesticides at all. If pesticides are necessary we will use organically certified pesticides first before using conventional ones. Since each crop requires a different level of protection from pests and the amount applied can vary from year to year we are always open to explain to our customers what we using on any crop at any time of year.